My name is Dr. Richard A. D'Amico and I specialize in cosmetic plastic surgery in New Jersey. My practice is located in Englewood, just over the George Washington Bridge from Manhattan. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, I have been practicing for over 20 years. It's been my privilege to be granted the trust of thousands of patients from surronding cities such as Fort Lee, Teaneck, and beyond, who chose plastic surgery to make positive changes to their appearance. My staff is a solid, long-term group of kind, happy people who take care of all my patients with compassion, understanding and skill, and provide me with the office management that makes our practice work so well.

Welcome from Dr. Richard D'Amico

It's always been a thrill for me to meet new patients who visit my New Jersey cosmetic plastic surgery practice and hear their longing for wholeness in some physical aspect of their lives. It's especially rewarding to know that I have the skills and the experience to bring them those desired changes through plastic surgery. It's really quite gratifying and the reason I became a plastic surgeon. When my team and I transform someone's face or body, it literally transforms the outlook of that person, changing not just the way others see them, but the way they see themselves. That's exciting stuff and makes every day a treat for me.

If you have been looking for a plastic surgeon to help you achieve your aesthetic goals, you may reach my office at 201.399.4268 or request a consultation online. I look forward to meeting you, hearing your story and helping you see yourself in a new way. You will never feel pressured to choose surgery and you will even have a second consultation visit (included with your fee) to bring along family or loved ones and ask follow-up questions.

Changing Your Look, Changing Your Life

Patients come to us with a variety of concerns about their bodies. I'm sure you're visiting our website because you have concerns about your body. Perhaps you are dissatisfied with the way your nose looks. Maybe you miss the flat stomach you once had. Perhaps you're a woman who never had the breasts you wanted, so you are considering implants, or you have skin issues you'd like to have treated.

First and foremost, only plastic surgeons who are board certified should be considered for cosmetic plastic surgery. Board-certified plastic surgeons undergo rigorous training in both trauma and cosmetic procedures and our training extends well beyond medical school and residency. We pass complex exams and present photos of our work to insure the public of the very best care and skills. Board-certified plastic surgeons participate in continuing education to remain current with the latest technologies and changes in laser treatments, aesthetic procedures and products that help our patients to look younger.

Secondly, even if non-surgical cosmetic enhancements like BOTOX® Cosmetic, dermal fillers, or laser treatments are your goal, a board-certified plastic surgeon is your best provider because board-certified plastic surgeons understand facial structure, which is immensely important in the delivery of injectable treatments. It may surprise you to know that any physician can legally perform cosmetic surgery, aesthetic fillers and facial treatments. However, if they do not have an intimate understanding of the muscle, bone and subcutaneous layers of the facial structure, they are limited in their ability to deliver top results.

How to Identify a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Only board-certified plastic surgeons can be members of the ASPS, the American Society for Plastic Surgeons. As the 2008 President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) I can assure you, its 6000+ board certified surgeon members are the best plastic surgeons in the world.

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