Liposuction is popular in our Englewood, NJ practice, as it is throughout the country. Body contouring specialist and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard D'Amico uses this surgical procedure to remove unwanted fat beneath the skin. It is generally performed under general anesthesia but, depending on the area, may be performed with IV sedation or local anesthesia. Both men and women choose liposuction from Dr. Richard D'Amico to help improve their body contours.

To find out how liposuction in New Jersey can improve your body contours, request a consultation with Dr. D'Amico using his online form or call 201.399.4268 to schedule an appointment.

The Basics of Body Contouring

Who is a Good Candidate?

At our practice in New Jersey, ideal liposuction candidates are healthy men and women who have a localized collection of fat that remains despite good diet and regular exercise. Common areas include:

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks (the "love handles")
  • Upper back area (women sometimes call this "back fat")
  • Thighs, both outer thighs (sometimes called "saddle bags") and inner thighs
  • Neck and under the chin

Although this procedure is not a substitute for healthy weight loss, as it cannot achieve significant weight loss best accomplished with diet and exercise, it can remove localized areas of stubborn fat which may be resistant to weight loss. If you have loose skin and muscle tissue in addition to excess fat in your abdominal area, Dr. D'Amico may also recommend combining liposuction with a tummmy tuck.

How It's Done

The tumescent technique or "super wet" technique for liposuction is the method most often used. When done correctly and not to excess, it is an extremely safe procedure because the dilute epinephrine contained in the tumescent anesthetic solution profoundly shrinks capillaries and thus helps minimize blood loss. In tumescent liposuction, large volumes of tumescent, or super wet solution are injected into the areas of fat, causing them to become swollen and firm. This is then suctioned away through a thin, hollow tube (called a cannula) and the tiny incisions are closed. Dr. D'Amico is one of the select few plastic surgeons to offer a new, advanced form of liposuction called HydraSolve™, which uses warm, low pressure water to make fat removal more gentle and precise. A new technology to assist in skin tightening during liposuction includes Smartlipo™ laser assisted liposuction (LAL).

Liposuction Recovery

After liposuction, there will be some blood-tinged drainage that remains under the skin. A postoperative garment can be helpful in achieving the results. Downtime depends on the amount of fat removed, but generally ranges from 4 to 7 days from work. You should avoid strenuous exercise or heavy activity for 2 to 3 weeks, after which you will feel well enough to resume normal activities. Walking on the treadmill and other mild activity can be done within a week. Dr. D'Amico will advise you of the appropriate activity level at your first postoperative visit.

Getting Started

The first step in achieving your cosmetic goals is to request a consultation with Dr. D'Amico, an experienced liposuction specialist serving New Jersey, New York, and the Tri-State area. He enjoys spending time with you one-on-one to understand your objectives and give his professional opinion about the procedures that are best for you. You will never feel pressured to choose surgery and you will even have a second consultation visit (included with your fee) to bring along family or loved ones and ask follow-up questions. The consultation fee is applied toward any surgical procedure you choose. We are also happy to schedule appointments by phone at 201.399.4268.

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