Ah, the Joys of Liposuction!

LiposuctionBody contouring procedures have evolved a great deal in recent decades. Today, we conduct about as many consultations for non-surgical body-sculpting as we do for liposuction. With all that has changed, there is still something special about liposuction and the extent of results that can be achieved.

As you obtain information about liposuction, you don’t just want to know the various benefits you will gain; you also want to know what you might expect as your body heals. Here, we will focus this discussion on post-operative swelling.

Manage from the Get-go

If you need to know anything about post-operative swelling, it is that you should approach this side-effect in the same way you do pain: proactively. Swelling is going to happen. It’s a natural byproduct of healing. Knowing that you can commit to yourself that you will wear compression garments as directed by Dr. D’Amico. The gentle pressure of the appropriate garment will support connective tissue, and thus keep swelling to a minimum.

Another way that swelling (as well as bleeding) is managed is by taking it slow. Don’t think that you will be up and at the gym anytime soon after liposuction. At first, the ideal physical activity is walking. That is sufficient to promote circulation without increasing the heart rate to a point where bleeding could occur.

Know that swelling is the new norm – at least for a while.

We understand your desire to see your new body after liposuction. And you will. Fortunately, most of the swelling that occurs after this procedure gradually diminishes over the first 2 to 4 weeks after surgery. However, do not be alarmed if you look at your newly sculpted arms, thighs, or stomach one day and notice that it looks slightly swollen. This may be due to fluid accumulation during a time of rest. It could also be a minor increase in physical activity. Whether from lack of movement or more movement, elevation is a great remedy for the fluctuating fluid retention that may happen.

When you know what to expect and what to do about post-liposuction swelling, your recovery process seems much more pleasant. Learn more about the body-sculpting procedures available in our New Jersey practice. Call 201-567-9595.

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