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Everyone could use some help with their facial skin. Whether sun damage, stress, environmental factors, or simply the decline of collagen that comes with aging, our facial skin shows our age sooner than we’d like. Fine lines and wrinkles, areas of volume loss, pigmentation problems — they all add up.

At our office in Englewood, NJ, Dr. Ferrauiola uses the AquaGold facial to improve these facial skin problems. AquaGold combines microneedling to deliver various skin improving serums and vitamins through microscopic channels directly into the dermis.

The results are improvements in the look and feel of your skin. Your skin will love our AquaGold facials.

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Dr. D’Amico is the only plastic surgeon I would ever trust with my life. He and his staff do everything possible to ensure you are medically ready and able to have the surgery. I have had many surgeries with Dr. D’Amico and all were very successful. Dr. D’Amico is the only doctor I would trust for any plastic surgery and I want to thank him and his staff from the bottom of my heart. I highly recommend Dr. D’Amico. – Robert J.

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How does AquaGold work?

AquaGold’s secret is a handpiece with a tip made up of 20 gold-plated microneedles. Each of these needles is about the width of a human hair. They are made of steel for strength and then are coated with 24-karat gold for easy penetration into the skin. For every AquaGold treatment with Dr. Ferrauiola we use a new tip, ensuring the needles are sterile and free from any impurities.

The AquaGold handpiece is moved across the skin surface and the needles move up and down. They reach a depth of 600 microns, which is the ideal depth for insertion of the various ingredients that will fortify the skin. This depth penetrates the epidermis (the skin’s outer layer) and enters the dermis (the skin’s second layer). The needles provide microneedling, while at the same time introducing vitamins, peptides, stem cells, and other beneficial ingredients.

Who is an ideal candidate for an AquaGold facial?

The best candidates for AquaGold facials are people looking for a softer, more youthful appearance, but they don’t require the more dramatic improvements made with surgery. AquaGold’s microneedling with 20 gold-plated microneedles allows the delivery of serums, vitamins, plant extracts, peptides, and other nutrients directly into the dermis layer of the skin, where they can be most effectively used to improve the skin.

AquaGold treats the superficial layers of the skin to provide a moderate, though noticeable, improvement in age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, and uneven texture. It does this by boosting collagen production across the facial skin.

Basically anyone who wants their skin to look more refreshed and show less signs of aging is a great candidate for an AquaGold facial with Dr. Ferrauiola.

What does an AquaGold facial treat?

The AquaGold facials we offer at our Bergen County office improve the look and feel of your skin. Specifically, they improve facial issues such as:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne scarring
  • Decreased skin elasticity
  • Areas of uneven skin texture
  • Areas of volume loss
  • Age spots and pigmentation problems

How long does an AquaGold facial take?

An Aquagold facial will take just 30 minutes at our Englewood, NJ office.

What will my results be from an AquaGold facial and how long will they last?

Patients notice a change in their skin quality within the first 48 hours after treatment. This is the initial remodeling of existing collagen. These improvements continue to expand as the body supplies new collagen to the treatment areas, and as the healing ingredients fully begin to work within the mesoderm. This process will continue to improve your skin for approximately 3-4 months.

How many AquaGold treatments will I need?

These can be stand-alone treatments, especially before a big event. But we recommend having an AquaGold facial every three months or so to provide your skin with an ongoing boost in collagen production. This helps keep up with the decline in collagen that comes with the aging process.

Is there recovery after an AquaGold facial?

Thanks to the 20 gold-plated microneedles, there is no tearing of the skin or other issues that can accompany some microneedling procedures. Your skin will be slightly red afterwards, but this usually passes overnight or through the next day. You can get right back to your normal activities after your AquaGold session.

What is the difference between microneedling and Botox injections?

The microneedling that is the basis of AquaGold can be confused with injections of Botox or dermal fillers, but they are not at all the same. In microneedling, a handpiece with a series of microneedles is moved across the treatment areas. The needles oscillate up and down, penetrating the skin to a set depth (with AquaGold this depth is 0.6 mm). This creates thousands of microscopic channels through the epidermis down into the skin’s second layer, the dermis. These microchannels heal within just a couple hours, but they make the body assume there has been a series of wounds in the skin. It responds by remodeling the existing collagen in the area, and, more importantly, initiating the production of new collagen to “heal” the perceived wounds, although they are actually fully healed in just a few hours.

Botox (and other injectables) is simply injected beneath the surface skin to address a wrinkle, crease, or area of volume loss. With Botox, it is injected into muscles on the upper third of the face that create wrinkles on the surface skin when those muscles contract. Botox is able to relax those muscles and keep them from contracting for 4-6 months. The wrinkles that form when the muscles contract are erased when those muscles stay at rest. These are crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead lines.

Dermal fillers are also injected beneath a crease or area of volume loss. They instantly provide volume, pushing the skin back up and erasing the line or returning lost volume.

Are there side effects with AquaGold?

AquaGold is basically advanced microneedling with the addition of delivering various nutrients and skin boosters directly into the dermis. These are safe procedures. The FDA has approved AquaGold, and our patients love their results.

Do AquaGold treatments hurt?

Although the prospect of 20 microscopic needles penetrating your skin sounds painful, the reality is that AquaGold is a very comfortable procedure. Topical numbing is not required.

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