Are These Signs That It’s Time for a Facelift?

Facelift Englewood NJIt can be difficult to determine whether the time has come to seek surgical intervention for the signs of aging. This has always been the case. When injectables, laser treatments, and other modalities got thrown into the mix, the confusion related to facial cosmetic surgery was only exacerbated. Because surgery is a big decision, it is important to be very informed beforehand. At the same time, there is also the potential for lingering frustration. This is due to a lack of appropriate care for the signs of aging. Here, we point out a few of the reasons patients cite for finally deciding on their surgical lift.

Disappearing Cheekbones

If you look back on pictures of yourself at a younger age, chances are you can appreciate the roundness of those young cheekbones. The loss of structure across the mid-face can cause some secondary concerns. But the direct effect of volume depletion – disappearing cheekbones – is often a primary reason for surgically lifting underlying structures.

Recently, dermal fillers have become a widely-used alternative to a surgical lifting of the midface. In many cases, non-surgical treatment is appropriate. Candidates should consider the longevity of results and limitations in a degree of lift when deciding between fillers and a surgical lift.

Deep Lines and Creases

With the loss of structure comes looseness. The more firmness and superficial tissues that the skin loses, the deeper lines and creases appear. Some of the concerns that patients commonly address during a facelift include marionette lines, which develop between the corners of the mouth and the chin, and laugh lines, or nasolabial folds between the corners of the mouth and the nose.

Like volume loss, lines and creases are also commonly treated with injectable soft-tissue fillers. However, filling deeper lines may interrupt the natural, youthful contours of the face more than a surgical lift due to the amount of product that must be administered.


The normal facial fat in the mid cheek descends with aging. It migrates to and beyond the jawline, obscuring the jawline and creating the marionette line.
Repositioning that fat back up into the cheek through a facelift is key to restoring a natural and full appearance, as well as a beautiful jawline.

The Loss of That Good Vibe

Patients that want facial cosmetic surgery have several cosmetic concerns. What lies beneath them all, though, is the fact that loose, sagging skin decreases our friendly vibe. Research indicates that men and women whose eyes have become heavy and whose mouths turn down appear unfriendly, angry, and unapproachable. Perhaps, the biggest reason to consider a surgical facelift is to restore that good vibe that once gave you so much confidence.

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