Are You a Facelift Candidate? Consider These Factors


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I meet with a lot of patients who are concerned about looking older and want to know more about facelift surgery. At my New Jersey practice, I see many women and men who make good candidates for this procedure, and I see many who might benefit better from minimally invasive options or from other surgeries.

Determining the best route largely depends on the condition of the patient’s skin and underlying tissue. For example, a woman in her early 30s who’s concerned about lines and moderate wrinkles is probably not ready for surgery but could be helped by a combination of injectable fillers and BOTOX® Cosmetic. Another common concern is when people start to see signs of aging around the eyes. Starting with injectables can help some patients, but surgical intervention is best for more extensive correction, and a facelift is probably not the right choice to target this area. Deeper lines, a droopy brow, and puffiness under the eyes are best fixed with eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). As we age, cheeks begin sagging and the jowls and neck lose definition. Patients ask if they need a facelift. But by focusing on facial rejuvenation, I can turn the conversation with patients away from, “Do I need a facelift?” to, “Let’s figure out the best way to refresh your appearance.” In some cases, that may require a combination of surgical procedures to rejuvenate the upper, middle, and lower areas of the face and neck. That could include a brow lift and a facelift, which involves actually repositioning the underlying tissues that give the face structure.

Whenever I consult with patients about facial rejuvenation, I tell them that there is no age that’s too young or too old for a specific procedure. The primary considerations are their overall health and their skin condition. But I also remind them that in general, the younger a patient is when they have a procedure done, the longer the results will last.

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