Cases in Chin Augmentation

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Patient #13558

April 14, 2020

Patient is a 63 year old female who complains of  aging in her eyes, and of her  lower face and […]

Patient #5781

Patient is a 25 year old female who complained that her jaw was too narrow giving her face a “full” […]

Patient #16204

Patient is a 53 year old female who complained of aging in her face neck and eyes.  Procedure performed was […]

Patient #12975

Patient is a 48 year old female who complained of aging in her lower face and neck.  Procedure performed was […]

Patient# 2564

September 12, 2019

Patient is a 51 year old female who presented to my office complaining of facial aging.  Her facial rejuvenation consisted […]


March 19, 2019

This 26 year old female underwent a cosmetic rhinoplasty with submental liposuction and chin augmentation.

Rhinoplasty Patient # 53522

July 24, 2018

This lovely 22 year old young woman presented to my New Jersey Plastic Surgery office to discuss an aesthetic rhinoplasty […]

Patient # 79068

This 53 year old patient underwent a tip rhinoplasty, chin augmentation with upper and lower blepharoplasties (eyelid surgery) in my […]

Patient #2518

July 23, 2018

Age: 60 Patient was unhappy with aging of the face.  He underwent a coronal forehead and brow-lift with upper and […]

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