Cases in Liposuction

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Patient ID#2566B

July 16, 2019

52 year old female who is 4’11” and weights 103 lbs. underwent liposuction to her abdomen, waist and hips


June 25, 2019

Patient is a 68 year old female who presented to my office with severe muscle laxity and lipodystrophy of the […]

Patient #11332

March 19, 2019

Patient is 27 year old who presented with  a very small amount of submental fat with the lower jaw being […]

Patient #11332

February 25, 2019

Patient is a 25 year old woman who presented to my office requesting liposuction of her abdomen, waist and hips.

Patient# 15732

November 12, 2018

Patient is a 22 year old female who presented to my office requesting body contouring to her abdomen, hip, back […]

Patient # 70895

July 18, 2018

Patient had body contouring procedure addressing her abdomen, hips, waist and inner thighs. This photo was taken approximately 2 months […]

Patient # 44097

Mom of 2 complained of fatty collection in her abdomen. After undergoing liposuction, this patient is pleased with her new […]

Patient # 54585

Patient is a 49 year old female who had hydrasolve liposuction performed in my fully accredited plastic surgery operating facility […]