Patient # 15256

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This patient is a 44 year old mother who recently moved out of the state but since she has family in the area she came to my office to discuss eyelid surgery in New Jersey. She states that she has always hated the size and shape of her nose and thought it gave her a harsh appearance. She also mentions that her friends and family are always asking why she is tired or angry and feels as though she looks much older than her actual age. She especially hates the hooding of her eyes. I felt this patient would benefit from an aesthetic rhinoplasty along with upper and lower lid blepharoplasties and a coronal forehead and brow lift. She mentions that while she was here to have facial rejuvenation in New Jersey, she wanted a softer more feminine look while remaining quite natural. On the morning of surgery, she came to my New Jersey plastic surgery facility for her cosmetic procedures. She met my highly skilled team of O.R. nurses (most of whom she met during her consultation and pre-operative visits) as well as my board certified anesthesiologist. Following her procedure, she recovered with our plastic surgery RN before being discharged for home. The patient did very well after surgery and was able to return to work in just over a week. She and I could not have been happier with the natural, refined appearance of her surgery, especially the refinement of her nose. She is pictured only a few months from surgery so her final result can not be fully appreciated. She can expect continued improvement and refinement over the next several months. (Rhinoplasty can take a year or so for final results due to small amounts of swelling).