Patient # 3472

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Case ID: 3472




This 66 year old woman presented to my New Jersey Plastic Surgery center to discuss facial aging. Her major complaints are that of droopy eyelids and sagging neck. After a thorough discussion and review of her health history, it was decided that she would be a good candidate for upper and lower eyelid surgery along with a lower facelift to include an anatomical chin implant adddressing her weak chin. She admitted that she was nervous about her recovery and we spent a great deal of time discussing her post operative care in our New Jersey Plastic Surgery operating facility with our highly trained plastic surgery recovery nurse. She also had an opportunity to speak with our anesthesiologist prior to her surgery and she felt much calmer after doing so. Her photos are just about 2 months post facelift and she already shows significant improvement. She is very happy about her results thus far.