Patient # 29692

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This patient is a 38 year-old woman who presented to my office complaining of heavy, hanging breasts with bra strap indentations and upper neck and back pain and requested a New Jersey breast reduction. My physical examination of this patient confirmed bilateral macromastia (large breasts) with her left breast being larger and nipple height lower than her right. There are deep grooves in her shoulders from her bra straps. She is 5’5″ tall and weighs 120 pounds. Based on this physical examination and the patients complaints; it was decided that she was a candidate for a bilateral breast reduction. The patient had a second lengthy consultation to discuss breast reduction surgery and decided to have her procedure in my fully accredited, cosmetic surgery operating facility as her procedure was not covered by her insurance. She was very excited about having chosen me as her cosmetic surgeon New Jersey. On the morning of surgery she met with my highly skilled operating room staff (most of whom she met during her consultation visits) as well as my board certified anesthesiologist. After recovering for a period of time with my plastic surgery recovery nursing staff, she was discharged for home. She was surprised and how little discomfort she felt after the procedure. Her photos were taken one year post-operatively. She is very happy with her results and expressed that she not only feels better but is able to buy more stylish clothing.