gynecomastia Patient # 39311

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Patient is a very thin 17 year-old young man, comes to my office in consultation, complaining that he has noticed enlargement of his one breast (unilateral gynecomastia) over the last several years. He is very active in athletics and is embarrassed to be seen without a shirt. Since his condition has remained stable, he comes to me requesting cosmetic surgery in New Jersey. He is in good general health, is a non-smoker and is without hormonal, sexual or endocrine complaints. Physical examination reveals a left unilateral parenchymal gynecomastia. The right side is within normal limits. The patient is very thin, with a fit body habitus from his participation in sports. I reviewed the patient’s findings and complaints and offered him a surgical program consisting of resection of the left unilateral gynecomastia with a hemi areola incision under general anesthesia on an out patient basis. He and his family have chosen to have his cosmetic surgery in New Jersey, performed in my fully accredited, out patient, surgical facility. On the morning of surgery, he and his mother came to my New Jersey plastic surgery facility where he met my highly skilled team of operating room nurses and my board certified anesthesiologist . He mentioned that he felt less frightened the morning of surgery since he already knew some of my nurses from his consultation and pre-operative visits. Following his procedure, he recovered with my plastic surgery recovery nurse before being discharged for home. After having his gynecomastia procedure performed, he was able to return to school a week after surgery and back to most of his normal activities with a few weeks. His photos were taken several weeks after surgery. He will continue to see gradual results over the next few months.