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This patient is a 30-year-old woman who is referred by her gynecologist. The patient underwent breast augmentation surgery that was performed in Brazil. Noting a change in her breasts a few months ago she was sent for an MRI to confirm an implant rupture. I reviewed the patient’s findings and reviewed surgical options with her. She requested breast implant revision surgery with replacement of her breast implants with gel implants in the sub-glandular position. This option would provide the best aesthetic result for her as she is very thin. Based on the recommendation of her gynecologist, she chose to have her breast implants exchanged in New Jersey in my fully accredited operating facility, located in Englewood, where I perform all of my cosmetic procedures. The patient is thrilled with her result as she feels her breast augmentation is very natural and fits her body. She has since referred friends to me as their cosmetic surgeon in New Jersey!