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Patient is a 16 year-old young woman who is accompanied by her mom. The patient complains of severe developmental breast asymmetry with a breast that is too small for her body on the left and on the right one that is too large and downward pointing with severe ptosis (sagging). There is no previous breast surgery. She claims to have consulted with me because of my reputation as the best cosmetic surgeon New Jersey. Physical examination reveals severe developmental asymmetry with a foreshortened, small breast on the left, and a large, redundant, ptotic breast on the right.I reviewed the findings and complaints with the patient and her mom. The left breast is too small, but has good shape and contour and would benefit from a modest implant to create a base. Once that is done, the goal would be to make the opposite side look like the left side and this would entail a reduction with an implant for maximum symmetry and balance. I discussed submuscular implants, both saline and gel filled. I reviewed the concepts and techniques of breast implants New Jersey. After much discussion the patient decided to proceed with her surgery having me as her plastic surgeon New Jersey. Her photos demonstrate good shape and symmetry. The patient claims that she can now wear clothing without being self-conscious about her appearance and her surgery has give her a real boost in her self-confidence!