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This 45 year old Bergen County woman was seeking a New Jersey plastic surgeon to perform breast lift surgery and was referred by her physician to me. She presented to my office with complaints of sagging breasts. She is 5’4” and weighs 140lbs. She has not had any children but her weight has fluctuated quite a bit over the years causing her breasts to sag. She is very self conscious about the appearance of her breasts in her clothing as she enjoys wearing clothing without a bra. I reviewed the concepts and techniques of the breast lift surgery using general anesthesia on an out patient basis as well as the location of the surgical scars. Due to the degree of lift required to properly position her breasts, I explained that the full anchor scar pattern will be necessary. She took the necessary time off from work allowing herself a week to recovery from this out patient procedure. I performed this patient’s mastopexy (breast lift) in my fully accredited, New Jersey plastic surgery operating facility along with my board certified, hand picked, anesthesiologist and team of nurses. Her postoperative photos were taken several months after surgery. She is very happy with the youthful shape and position of her breasts noting that the scars which healed well was a good trade.