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This patient 21 year old college student is only 5ft tall and weighs 150lbs. She complains of heavy, large, pendulous (hanging) breasts causing her pain in her chest wall, neck, upper back, chronic rashes beneath the breasts and deep, painful bra strap indentations. Being a young woman she is very embarrassed at the size of her breasts explaining that people literally gawk at her appearance. She finds it extremely difficult to buy clothes of any sort especially anything stylish for her age. When she tries to exercise, the weight of her breasts cause her extreme back and neck pain. She chose me as her New Jersey plastic surgeon for her breast reduction having been recommended by one of her friends that I previously operated on. I reviewed the patient’s findings, symptoms and complaints and recommended a medically necessary, bilateral breast reduction for alleviation of symptoms. I reviewed the concepts and techniques of the surgical procedure, the location and use of an anchor scar pattern in order to lift and reshape the breasts under general anesthesia on an out patient basis. My office staff, familiar with New Jersey plastic surgery and insurance, assisted her in obtaining insurance coverage. This patient who went from a size F to a D and is now is like a new young woman. Approximately 1200 grams of tissue were removed from each breast. She commented on how much pain she expected to have and to her delight she never even took a Tylenol. For the first time in years, she has finally put on a bathing suit. Her post-operative photos were taken 9 months after surgery. She has since referred in one of her college friends for New Jersey liposuction!