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Patient is a 37 year-old woman who presents to me for cosmetic surgery New Jersey having been referred by another patient of mine. She complains that her breasts have gotten dramatically smaller since childbearing. She complains that she has lost just about all the volume she once had. She is interested in breast enlargement New Jersey for restoration. She states that she is in excellent health and is a non-smoker. Physical examination reveals a tall, thin woman. Her breasts are small with central pseudo ptosis, (sagging) but excellent nipple position. The chest wall is asymmetric with a widened sternum and the left chest is more protruding than the right. The breasts have lost volume dramatically and are quite small for the patient’s body. Caliper measurement is 9.0 from each breast. I reviewed the patient’s findings and offered her bilateral breast augmentation with silicone elastomer shelled implants, filled with either silicone gel or saline in the submuscular position via an inframammary approach under general anesthesia on an out patient basis. Because of the surgical manipulation of muscle required during this procedure, significant postoperative pain used to be a problem. Fortunately, the pain can be virtually eliminated with the use of what we refer to as the “pain pump,” which is a tiny catheter inserted at the time of surgery. The pain pump drips Novocain right onto the affected muscle 24 hours a day to relieve virtually all the muscle pain and avoid the need for heavy drugs or narcotics by mouth. This means a more comfortable, quicker, and better quality of recovery. She decided to have her breast augmentation surgery in my full accredited New Jersey plastic surgery facility and decided upon gel filled implants. . On the morning of surgery, she came to my New Jersey plastic surgery facility for her aesthetic breast augmentation. She met my highly skilled team of O.R. nurses (most of whom she met during her consultation and pre-operative visits) as well as my board certified anesthesiologist. Following her breast augmentation, she recovered with our plastic surgery nurse before being discharged for home. Although her results are immediate, she will have swelling for a few weeks. This patient is thrilled with the restoration to her breasts. She now feels much better in her clothing!

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