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This patient is a 68 year-old woman who chose to have her face lift in New Jersey, even though she lives within close proximity of Manhattan. She presented to my New Jersey plastic surgery office having been referred by a friend who recently had a facelift in New Jersey by me several months ago. She complains of facial aging. She particularly complains of the frown lines in her forehead, descent of her brows, and puffiness in her upper and lower lids. She was quite upset with her jowls, neck and the bands in the neck. She said people keep asking her if she is tired, sad or angry and she just wanted to look as good as she felt. She expressed that she was concerned about “changing” her look too much, she wanted to look natural and like herself, just more rested. On the morning of surgery, she came to my New Jersey plastic surgery facility for her facial rejuvenation consisting of upper and lower blepharoplasties, forehead lift, lower face and neck lift and dermabrasion resurfacing around her mouth. There she met my team of O.R. nurses (most of whom she met during her consultation and pre-operative visits) as well as my board certified anesthesiologist. She said that she was more excited than nervous the morning of surgery because she knew most of the O.R. team prior to surgery and this was very important to her. Her surgery was performed under general anesthesia. After surgery, she recovered with my plastic surgery recovery nurse for 23 hours and was then discharged to her home. Her photos are approximately four months after surgery and the patient is absolutely thrilled with the results. She loves her natural look and instead of people asking if she is tired or angry they are telling her she looks well rested and terrific for her age! She has been maintaining her appearance with the use of Botox and Juvederm.

Age: 68