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Patient is a 14 year old female who presents to my office requesting an aesthetic rhinoplasty. She has chosen me as her New Jersey plastic surgeon as I previously operated on another family member and her pediatrician recommended me as well. She presents today with her mother. She complains of external nose deformity. She feels it is too big and too wide for her face. She hates being photographed particularly on profile. After a very thorough consultation with both she and her mother, I agreed to perform an aesthetic rhinoplasty in my full accredited operating facility where I perform all my cosmetic surgery in New Jersey. On the morning of surgery, she came to my New Jersey plastic surgery facility with her mother for her aesthetic rhinoplasty. She met my highly skilled team of O.R. nurses (most of whom she met during her consultation and pre-operative visits) as well as my board certified anesthesiologist. Following her plastic surgery New Jersey rhinoplasty, she recovered with our plastic surgery nurse before being discharged for home with her mother. The following day she returned to my office to have her packing removed. She was very surprised that although she had a considerable amount of swelling and bruising she had no pain. She returned to my office a week later for splint removal at which time she was able to return to school. She is very happy with her early results and can expect to see subtle changes over the next several months.