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Case ID: 10929




Patient is a 64 year-old woman who complains of facial aging and desired her face lift to be performed by a board certified plastic surgeon in New Jersey. Her primary area of complaint is in her jaw line and neck, but she also complains of redundant skin in the upper lids, crow’s feet, forehead lines and generalized sagging of the tissues of the face. She also complains of deep lines around her mouth and thinning of her lips, particularly her upper lip. She wants to restore a more youthful appearance but wants to maintain a natural look. Her photos are 3 months post procedure. I reviewed the patient’s complaints and felt she would be a good candidate for a facial rejuvenation program to restore a more youthful appearance for her while maintain a natural look. The patient’s facial rejuvenation was performed in my fully accredited New Jersey plastic surgery operating facility where I perform all my cosmetic surgery in New Jersey. I employ only highly skilled O.R. nurses trained in plastic surgery to work in my facility. My O.R. staff has been with me for many years. Patients love the fact that they know my nurses before they step foot in the operating room and that they also have an opportunity to meet with the anesthesiologist prior to their surgery. Her facial rejuvenation consisted of a forehead and brow lift, skin only upper blepharoplasties (eyelids), transconjunctival blepharoplasties (lower lid fat removal, incision made inside the eyelid so there is no visible scar) and cervical facial rhytidectomy (facelift) with tightening of the deeper connective tissue (the SMAS layer) as well as tightening of the neck muscles (platysmaplasty) to tighten the lose skin in the neck area. She also had a perioral dermabrasion to smooth out the deep lines around her mouth. The patients photos were taken several months after surgery. She was thrilled with her New Jersey facelift, getting a new hairstyle to match her beautiful, natural, rejuvenated look.

Age: 64