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Patient is an 18 year-old girl who is accompanied by her mom. Together with her mom, who is also a patient of mine, they have chose me to be her cosmetic surgeon in New Jersey. This young woman is a college student and dance major, who complains of heavy, pendulous (sagging) breasts with deep bra strap indentations and upper neck and back pain exacerbated by the weight of the breasts. She complains that this not only interferes with her dance activities but she is having difficulty buying clothes, especially bathing suits, as her breasts make her body disproportionate. She comes to my office seeking a New Jersey plastic surgery breast reduction. My physical examination reveals bilateral macromastia with deep bra strap indentations. There is an increased curvature in her upper neck and back. The breasts are clearly too large for this patient’s body. I reviewed the location of the scars, recovery time, as well as time missed from school, dance and social activities. Based on this information, she decided to have breast reduction New Jersey in my fully accredited operating facility during her winter break from college. On the morning of surgery, she came to my New Jersey plastic surgery facility for her breast reduction. She met my highly skilled team of O.R. nurses (most of whom she met during her consultation and pre-operative visits) as well as my board certified anesthesiologist. Following her plastic surgery New Jersey, she recovered with our plastic surgery nurse before being discharged for home with her mother. On her first post-operative visit, she commented on how much better she felt and how little discomfort she experienced. She is quite happy with her result and is having fun buying new clothes!