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Finding the best New Jersey plastic surgeon to perform her breast reduction surgery to alleviate the physical discomfort for this 41 year old mother of two was a top priority. She came to visit me in my New Jersey plastic surgery facility to discuss breast reduction. She states that she has severe pain in her upper back and neck due to the size of her breasts. She also states that it is difficult for her to exercise because of her breast size as well. She is 5’5″ and weighs 190lbs. She is currently wearing a custom size F bra. My examination reveals a mesomorphic woman with large, heavy, pendulous ( hanging) breasts. They are large and heavy. There are deep bra strap indentations and a flattening of the spinal curve. Together we discussed how breast reduction surgery would benefit her bringing her relief from much of her pain and discomfort and allowing her the ability to exercise. I reviewed the concepts and techniques of the surgical procedure, the location and use of an anchor scar pattern in order to lift and reshape the breasts under general anesthesia on an out patient basis. My office staff, familiar with New Jersey plastic surgery and insurance, assisted her in obtaining insurance coverage. Three months after surgery, her scars are still red and healing, but the patient is already thrilled with the result of her breast reduction in New Jersey. Approximately 800 grams of tissue were removed from each breast and she is now able to wear a size C bra.