Patient # 76533

Patient # 76533

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This 27 year old Bergen County woman is a previous patient of mine who returns to my New Jersey plastic surgery office to discuss body contouring. She is 5’ 1” tall and weighs 130lbs. She has taken very good care of herself, eats well and tries to exercise regularly, even though it is becoming more difficult with her three children. Despite all of her efforts, she complains of stubborn fatty collections of her abdomen, hips, saddlebags and banana roll areas. My examination confirms lipodystrophy in each of those areas, with fair but acceptable skin tone. The patient’s abdominal wall musculature is slightly lax and she agrees to continue working her abdominal wall with exercise. We discussed body contouring, using lipoplasty under general anesthesia on an out patient basis. I discussed the concept of the latest New Jersey plastic surgery techniques of lipoplasty, as well as the different technologies, UAL (ultrasonic assisted lipoplasty), SAL (suction assisted lipoplasty) PAL (power assisted lipoplasty) and Smart Lipo. Her liposuction in New Jersey was performed in my fully accredited ambulatory surgical facility located in Englewood. In the operating room, with the use of PAL (power assisted lipoplasty), we achieved a beautiful aesthetic result from her lipoplasty procedure. She was advised to wear her post operative garment to support her skin during her recovery. She was a little sore after surgery but after a few days when the swelling went down she was looking and feeling great. Her photos were taken 3 months after her body contouring procedure. Although this is not quite her final result, she says she is already wearing slacks that she could not fit into prior to her surgery.

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