Patient # 30939

Patient # 30939

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This patient is a 46 year old mother of one who is suffering from the effects of menopause. She states that she eats well, exercises and does all the right things to keep in shape, but is still plagued with stubborn fatty collection in her hips, waist, abdomen, saddlebags and medial thighs. She states that she had previous liposuction to the abdomen and saddlebags but was left with undesirable results. The fatty collections are irregular. There are indentations throughout consistent with previous untoward lipoplasty. Saddlebags also show multiple grooves and excavations and irregularities, also consistent with an unfavorable outcome from previous lipoplasty. The other areas of complaint are primary. I offered her secondary lipoplasty to the abdomen and saddlebags, as well as primary lipoplasty to the remaining areas under the general anesthesia. I discussed the concept of the latest New Jersey plastic surgery techniques of lipoplasty, as well as the different technologies, UAL (ultrasonic assisted lipoplasty), SAL (suction assisted lipoplasty) PAL (power assisted lipoplasty) and Smart Lipo. She was happy that her liposuction in New Jersey was performed in my fully accredited ambulatory surgical facility located in Englewood, because she already knew most of my highly skilled O.R. staff members from her consultation appointments. After recovering with one of my plastic surgery nurses, she was discharged from our facility. Her postoperative photos were taken several weeks after surgery. She is very happy with her result and even the improvement she gained to her previous liposuction. She is ecstatic to have regained the body she had before menopause.

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