Patient # 61579

Patient # 61579

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Patient is a 32 year old woman who is a previous patient of mine. She presents to my office requesting me as her plastic surgeon in New Jersey, now that she has given birth to what she says is her 3rd and last child. She has already lost 20 of the 40 pounds that she gained during her pregnancy and her complaints revolve around fatty collections across the upper and lower abdomen as well as her hips, saddlebags and inner thighs. She is very interested in having liposuction. I advised her that her skin tone is not great and the residual skin in the abdomen will require an incision to finalize her contour along with lipoplasty to her hips, saddlebags and inner thighs. She decided to have her body contouring New Jersey in my fully accredited ambulatory surgical facility located in Englewood. The morning of surgery, she was greeted by my operating room staff and my anesthesiologist for her “mini” abdominoplasty and New Jersey liposuction. After her surgery, she recovered with one of my plastic surgery nurses, until she was discharged for home wearing her compression garment. Six months post-operatively, this patient is amazed at her results and can not believe what a great body she has for a mother of three.

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