Patient # 70629

Patient # 70629

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This patient is a 36 year old woman who visited me for breast augmentation surgery in New Jersey to restore the volume and position of her breasts. She says she was always small breasted but after nursing her three children her breasts not only lost volume but began to sag. She would like have breast enlargement surgery, keeping her breasts proportionate to her body habitus, as well as making her breasts perkier, giving them a natural and more youthful look. She is fairly tall at 5’6” and very thin weighing only 112 lbs. She currently wears a B cup but does not completely fill it out. After a long discussion with the patient regarding her breast issues, she has chosen me as her cosmetic surgeon. Together we discussed shape, size and position of her breasts as well as the location of her scars. It was decided that her best option would be round, high profile, saline implants in the sub-muscular position with a periareola breast lift (with incisions around the areola) In my fully accredited operating facility, this patient underwent a bilateral breast augmentation along with bilateral breast lifts with periareola incisions. On her right side, a 190CC implant was used, filled to 190CC’s and on the left a 190CC implant was used and filled to 220CC’s achieving excellent shape, size and symmetry. She is now able to wear a D cup as she desired. Her post-operative photos were taken 12 months after surgery. The patient is thrilled with her result. She feels much more self confident now that she has breasts that are proportionate to her body habitus. She also expressed great satisfaction with the outcome of the scars around her areola commenting that the scar was a great trade-off for the perky, more youthful looking breasts. She is now able to wear certain clothes without having to wear a bra!

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