Patient # 79183

Patient # 79183

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This patient is a 20 year old college student from Bergen County who presented to my office in Englewood for her breast augmentation in New Jersey. She is quite petite at 5’2” and 105 lbs. Her biggest complaint was that she was embarrassed that she could not fill out the top of her bathing suit. She felt as though she gave a “boyish” appearance with her chest being so flat. She requested a modest breast augmentation going from an A cup to a full B or small C with her goal being a natural aesthetic result. She had breast augmentation surgery in my fully accredited operating facility in Englewood, New Jersey, just outside of Manhattan. To achieve her aesthetic result, I chose to use smooth, round, moderate, saline, Mentor breast implants. Placement of her implants was through an incision made in the inframammary fold (just beneath the breast) and positioned underneath the muscle of her chest wall giving her the most natural aesthetic result. A 250CC implant filled to 275CC’s was used on the right and on the left a 225CC implant filled to 240cc’s. A pain pump was placed in each incision post-operatively alleviating the post-operative discomfort during her recovery. Her photos were taken 6 weeks after surgery. She is thrilled with her breast enhancement at my New Jersey practice and was surprised that she experienced very little discomfort during her recovery. She can’t wait for bathing suit season so she can finally wear a bikini with her new, more feminine appearance. She has gone from an A cup to a small C.

Age: 20

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