Patient # 38383

Patient # 38383

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Patient is a 59 year old who presented to my office to discuss breast reduction New Jersey. She chose me for New Jersey plastic surgery for a previous procedure returning today with complaints of large breasts that she feels is causing her back and neck pain and grooving in her shoulders from her bra straps. She is 5’6” tall and weighs approximately 150 lbs. My physical examination shows severe bilateral macromastia (large breasts) with ptosis (sagging). There are deep bra strap indentations and increased cervical curvature. After reviewing her health history and complaints I reviewed the bilateral breast reduction with her and it was agreed that she would benefit from this procedure. These photos were taken approximately 6 months after surgery. Her plastic surgery New Jersey procedure provided her with the results she was hoping for and is happy to be able to exercise and wear fashionable clothing.

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