Patient # 26304

Patient # 26304

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This 56 year-old athlete presents to my office for a New Jersey facelift. What he notes is a loss of fullness in his face, particularly the mid face, with exacerbation of his heavy nasal labial folds, which are asymmetric, left greater than right. He had severe acne and has severe acne scarring. He states he is in excellent general health and he keeps himself in meticulous physical condition. Physical examination reveals an extremely fit man with lax and redundant skin especially in the nasal labial area. There is loss of soft tissue fullness. Patient does not know his body fat percentage, but some of this could also be from too much calorie burning for his age. I reviewed the patient’s findings and it was decided that he would have a staged approach for his New Jersey plastic surgery. The first stage would be a facial rejuvenation procedure with repositioning of the deeper connective tissue (SMAS) and tightening of the neck muscles (platysmaplasty) and therefore repositioning of the remaining facial fat in its normal anatomic position. This will restore some fullness to the malar area and mid face in particular, as well as the lower cheeks. At this time, the hanging skin in the lower neck would also be addressed with a face lift. We would also perform upper and lower blepharoplasties (eyelid surgery) and a forehead and browlift at this time. We discussed the need of a second stage consisting of a CO2 laser along with other options such as fillers at a later date to maintain the result and help with improvement. On the morning of surgery, he came to my New Jersey plastic surgery facility for his procedure. He met my highly skilled team of O.R. nurses (most of whom he met during his consultation and pre-operative visits). He also met with my board certified anesthesiologist. Following his facial rejuvenation procedure, he recovered with our plastic surgery RN before being discharged for home. His photos were taken several months after surgery. He is very pleased with his progress so far and is currently planning for the next stage of his facial rejuvenation in New Jersey.

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