Patient # 52766

Patient # 52766

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This 21 year old college student presented to my New Jersey Plastic Surgery office accompanied by her mother seeking rhinoplasty. She complained that her nose was too big for her face and that it also projected far too much. She also wanted her bridge to be straight as well. Our goal was to make modifications to her nose that would bring her face in balance. She was greatly concerned because she had never had surgery before and naturally was nervous about anesthesia. After having a second lengthy conversation, this patient was assured about her decision to have rhinoplasty in my fully accredited operating facility with my Board Certified Anesthesiologist and fully trained plastic surgery nursing team and as you can see she has a wonderful outcome. The first post operative photos seen here are approximately 3 months old and then they were taken again at one year. This patient is very happy with her result and has much more self confidence.

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