Benefitting From Plastic Surgery Photo Galleries


My patients frequently tell me that one of the ways they researched me and other plastic surgeons in New Jersey was by perusing before-and-after photo galleries online. This is an excellent way to gauge the quality of a surgeon’s work and to find examples that are relevant to your own cosmetic goals. Not only can you go to a surgeon’s website to view a photo gallery, but most surgeons also provide additional photos of their patients during a consultation.

Online photo galleries appeal to many people considering cosmetic surgery because they offer a fast and accurate way to see what’s possible. But it’s not always easy to know what to look for when viewing before-and-after photos. Here are a few things you should look for that will help you get the most out of galleries:

  • A range of photos for each procedure: The best way to evaluate whether a surgeon gets consistently good results is to look at several photos of patients who had the same procedure you are considering. A strong surgeon will have numerous examples of successful results. It’s also important that the photos are similar in terms of poses and lighting.
  • Natural-looking results: Whether it’s breast augmentation, a face lift, or a tummy tuck, it’s important that the surgeon gets results that don’t broadcast to everyone that the patient had plastic surgery. For example, a post-op photo of a facelift patient should show someone who looks refreshed, rested, and more youthful than in the pre-op picture — but not significantly different.
  • Patients with a similar body type or facial appearance to your own: Each surgeon should have a range of body or facial types in his or her photo gallery. Find some examples of patients whose features resemble your own and whose results you would like to achieve. This can help you get a better idea of what might be possible for your face or body, and it can also be a great communication tool when you express your goals to your surgeon.
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