BOTOX® Cosmetic

What Is Botox/Jeauveau?

Our BOTOX® Cosmetic patients want to look refreshed and vibrant, enjoying many of the benefits of plastic surgery without going under the knife. This simple treatment is designed to address signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. BOTOX Cosmetic also has been proven to treat excessive sweating. Unlike many plastic surgery practices and medical spas, BOTOX is injected at our Bergen County NJ practice only by Dr. D’Amico & Dr. Ferrauiola, not by an aesthetician or other office staff member.

How Do Botox/Jeauveau Injections Work?

BOTOX Cosmetic relaxes the facial muscles, specifically those that are used for smiling or frowning (called “muscles of animation”), by eliminating the muscles’ ability to contract and make the wrinkles. A cosmetic form of botulinum toxin, we most frequently use BOTOX on patients from surrounding areas and beyond to treat lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, across the forehead, and between the eyebrows.

Before and After

Botox, Dr D'Amico

This 59 year old woman presented to my Englewood NJ plastic surgery office complaining of aging in her face, particularly in her lower neck, and frown lines. Botox was used with other treatments. She is approximately one year post procedure and she is happy with her results

What are the Benefits of Botox/Jeauveau?

Botox offers several benefits, the first of which is that it is proven safe and effective. Botox was first approved by the FDA in 2002. In nearly 20 years of use, there have been very few adverse side effects reported. Patients can feel confident that our proper usage of Botox Cosmetic will achieve impressive results with few side effects.
In addition to safety and efficacy, Botox offers the benefit of convenience. An appointment for injectable treatment typically takes less than half an hour. Side effects are so mild that most patients go about their day without noticeable redness or swelling. Touch-ups are also easy, often taking just 10 to 15 minutes every 3 to 4 months. Patients who are new to Botox appreciate the temporary nature of this FDA-approved drug. They know that, if they don’t love their results, they will fade over time. That being said, most people love the way that well-performed Botox injections make them look and feel. This is why this is the most popular injectable of our time.

Ideal Candidates for Botox/Jeauveau

Most adults are great candidates for Botox. Patients should be healthy with no history of neuromuscular disorders. Women who are pregnant or nursing cannot receive Botox. If you have frown lines, furrows, crow’s feet, or your eyebrows have drooped downward over your eyes, you are likely to receive notable benefits from Botox injections.

BOTOX vs Dermal Fillers

BOTOX relaxes facial muscles while fillers fill in the creases. In general, BOTOX is used to address wrinkles and lines on the upper portion of the face while dermal fillers improve the appearance of lines on the cheeks and around the mouth. In many cases, Dr. D’Amico & Dr. Ferrauiola combines BOTOX treatments with dermal fillers such as Restylane®, JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel, RADIESSE®, Voluma, and Sculptra® for more complete facial rejuvenation.

Botox/Jeauveau Procedure

BOTOX is a very thin substance; therefore, Dr. D’Amico & Dr. Ferrauiola makes the injections with a very tiny needle. You will experience very little discomfort with the injections, and if you’re at all worried about that, we apply a cream anesthetic first. The injections themselves take only about 15 to 30 minutes to complete*, and the results of BOTOX injections generally occur after 48 hours, with the majority of the improvement found in about a week*.

Recovering After Botox/Jeauveau

After your treatment, you should not lie flat for four hours so that the BOTOX can settle. You might have a slight redness around the injection site for a few hours. The results of BOTOX injections usually last about 6 months*. It will be obvious to you when you should come in for another treatment, as the wrinkles will begin to reappear. Because our office is very busy, we suggest that you make the appointment for your next treatment when you have each treatment, spacing the next one about four months down the road.

Is Botox/Jeauveau safe?

Botox is made of botulinum toxin, a bacterium that has been used therapeutically for many years. The dosing for cosmetic botulinum toxin is much lower than that which is used to treat muscular disorders. These doses are generally considered safe for most adults. The most common side effects include transient swelling and redness at injection sites. The product absorbs into targeted muscle tissue and typically does not disperse out from there. The body metabolizes the product over a few months’ time, after which it is safe to obtain retreatment.

Is Botox/Jeauveau painful?

Botox injections are not painful. The procedure is performed using a tiny needle that is inserted superficially to target specific muscles. Patients tolerate injections very well even without a topical anesthetic.

How much Does Botox/Jeauveau Cost?

The cost of Botox is based on a unit price. The per-unit pricing of this drug can vary based on area and provider expertise. Because Botox affects the muscles of the face or neck, it is imperative to choose a qualified, board-certified provider who is familiar with the effects of the product as well as the muscles and blood vessels of the face. The total cost of treatment is discussed after our consultation and evaluation of the skin. Treatment plans may include Botox alone or additional treatments, such as dermal fillers, to achieve optimal results.

Does insurance cover Botox/Jeauveau?

Insurance does not cover Botox treatments that are performed for cosmetic purposes. Coverage is available only for therapeutic reasons, such as the treatment of chronic migraines.

Schedule a Consultation

BOTOX Cosmetic is very effective in reducing lines and wrinkles on the upper portion of the face. Dr. D’Amico & Dr. Ferrauiola will review your skin’s condition to establish the best treatment for your needs. The first step in achieving your cosmetic goals is to request a consultation with him. Serving the New York metro area Dr. D’Amico & Dr. Ferrauiola enjoy spending time with you one-on-one to understand your objectives and give his professional opinion about the procedures that are best for you. You will never feel pressured to choose surgery and you will even have a second consultation visit (included with your fee) to bring along family or loved ones and ask follow-up questions. The consultation fee is applied toward any surgical procedure you choose. We are also happy to schedule appointments over the phone by calling (201) 567-9595.

* = Results may vary