Botox may be man’s new best friend

Most people have heard of Botox, but “Brotox” is another story. Though the number of men getting this effective anti-aging treatment has grown by 200 percent since 2000, most men still prefer to keep their treatment to themselves. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 2013 saw 385,000 Botox treatments in men. Who are these individuals? They are not the high-profile model-types you may think. No, Botox is an incredible asset to the average, health-conscious man who wants to look younger and fresher. It’s that simple.

botoxThe fact that women still outnumber men when it comes to injectible anti-aging treatments may have something to do with the misperceptions many men still have about Botox treatments. To this day, some still believe that Botox will freeze their face. You have likely seen a movie in which this very (unlikely) side effect has been depicted for comedic relief. The truth is that, unless treatment is conducted by someone who is ill-equipped to offer such a service, the face will not be frozen; far from it.

Who better to treat facial aging than a top rated plastic surgeon or one of his directly-trained staff? Issues with Botox are very unlikely. When problems with results have been reported, they are typically traced back to a very inexperienced, poorly trained clinician. In our practice, we have the familiarity with facial structure that you can trust to achieve a refreshed appearance without affecting your authenticity.

Botox is formulated to weaken the contraction of certain facial muscles. In time, these muscles become thinner, leading to smoother skin around the eyes or on the forehead or neck. The effects of this purified protein can last from three to six months. In many cases, the return of wrinkles is much more subtle than how they appeared before treatment.

The fact that Botox gets rid of an unhappy scowl is only one of several reasons that men seek this treatment. The facial rejuvenation that comes from a few injections can provide a significant boost in confidence surrounding personal and professional image. Research also shows the minimizing the downward pull of brow muscles has a mood-lifting effect.

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