Breast Augmentation: Are you Thinking about Recovery?

Breast Augmentation Englewood, NJBreast augmentation is one of the most talked-about of all cosmetic procedures, except for possibly Botox. The commonality of this surgery indicates its success in achieving the results that patients’ seek. It is also representative of the positive changes that have occurred in the area of breast implants and insertion techniques over the past several years. In addition to refining the surgical process, physicians have also gained crucial information that has enhanced pre- and post-operative care instructions.

It is important to us that our patients have no question about their decision to undergo breast augmentation. Through directness in communication, we do our best to answer any questions that may inhibit the process. Formal pre- and post-op instructions are very clear. However, there are additional ways that patients can ensure they are ready for their surgery. More precisely, ready for their return home after their procedure. Let’s touch on them here.

The Matter of Pain

Breast augmentation is typically performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. The effects of the medications used during surgery wear off gradually over several hours. That doesn’t mean that it is acceptable to wait for pain medication. As many people as we have met and helped over the years, we still occasionally encounter patients who believe they can either forego prescription pain medication after breast augmentation or have their prescription filled on their way home from the surgery center. No. Our recommendation is that the prescription provided for pain management be filled a week or so before surgery. This way, medication is readily available long before pain may occur.

The Matter of Comfort

Comfort comes from pain management, no? Not exactly. Pain management is only one important aspect of a comfortable recovery. Patients who are planning breast augmentation surgery are encouraged to also think about how they can make their personal “recovery center” safe, inviting, and functional.

  • Consider what forms of entertainment may be pleasant. Music, movies, books, and magazines can ward off boredom.
  • Reduce the risk of post-operative “blues” by arranging for a little company – but not too much! A close friend or family member can provide valuable assistance in the first few days after surgery. Too many people, pets, and small children, as much as you love them, may drain the energy you need to recover.
  • Healthy food is beneficial for post-op patients, but who wants to cook after surgery! Make arrangements for meals by pre-cooking items that can be easily heated, or consider a food delivery service for a few days while you focus on the needs of your body.

We love seeing the difference that breast augmentation can make in a person’s life. To learn more about this procedure, or our other services, call 201-567-9595.

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