Breast Concerns? We’ve Got You Covered!

Breast Concerns Englewood NJWe see so many images of the “perfect breasts” that it is easy for a woman to look at her own with concern that they are “weird.” This is an understandable issue. Beauty is all about proportions, even setting aside current-day standards. The eye is drawn in by symmetry in the best possible way. When small details are awry, the eye doesn’t quite know what to do.

As a longstanding part of the Englewood community in the role of reputable cosmetic surgeon, Dr. D’Amico has seen the wide range of variances from one body to the next. Here, we discuss a few of the common concerns related to the appearance of the breasts, and what can be done to correct each.


In truth, there is almost always a degree of asymmetry between the breasts. One may be slightly fuller or rounder or larger than the other. When the characteristics of one breast are significantly different than the other, a woman may feel much more than dissatisfied with her body; she may feel embarrassed. Wildly asymmetrical breasts may force a woman to use padding strategies to create the appearance of balance. However, this becomes a huge challenge come swimsuit season. It is impossible to hide asymmetry in intimate situations, and this can lead to diminished well-being.

The fix: breast augmentation with or without a breast lift. Breast implants can be filled specifically to balance the size and shape of the breasts. If nipple position or drooping is also a concern, one or both breasts may also be lifted in addition to augmentation.

Tuberous Breasts

This is not the same as sagging. Tuberous breasts have a unique, narrow base. Often, tuberous breasts are also quite small, with a high breast crease. It is the position of the breast crease that causes the breast or breasts to appear to hang lower than normal. Additional concerns that often coincide with a tubular appearance are puffy nipples and asymmetry.

The fix: Planning for correction in the instance of tuberous breasts may involve a bit more than other concerns. The breast capsule may be addressed during augmentation surgery to properly hold appropriate implants. Repositioning of the areola and nipple may also be necessary.

Oversized Breasts

The concerns related to large breasts are seemingly obvious, but they extend beyond the issue of sore shoulders. Women with more breast tissue than is appropriate for their frame to find it difficult to dress their unique body shape. Certain types of clothing may feel “off-limits” because they may call unwanted attention to the breasts, or that breasts simply will not stay put within the confines of such clothing. Furthermore, large breasts set the stage for skin irritation and even a misperception of character.

The fix: Breast reduction surgery is among one of the leading procedures in modern medicine. Reduction mammoplasty reshapes and lifts the breasts to attain better alignment with body structure. Ultimately, women who undergo breast reduction report feeling more confident in their daily lives.

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