Check out the Big Benefits of Breast Reduction

Breast ReductionThe most common of all breast procedures has been, for some time now, breast augmentation. More and more, though, women are visiting our New Jersey practice to discuss the concerns they have that are related to the other end of the spectrum regarding breast size. Breast reduction is all about taking what is too big and making it smaller. In so doing, this procedure can change much more than physical appearance. Here, we want to touch on the big benefits our breast reduction patients are likely to experience.

Enhanced confidence.

Confidence and self-image go hand in hand. This is why any cosmetic procedure can enhance a person’s confidence. Breast reduction is unique, though. Women who have breasts that are quite large often express that they feel embarrassed. It can be difficult enough to manage feelings about self-image, but the additional bulk in breast size puts emphasis on a singular physical feature. Women may endure stares or even unwelcomed remarks that should never be made. Regardless, these remarks can hurt self-esteem.


The key to beauty is the balance. Symmetry among body parts from side to side and top to bottom all add up to please the eye. The lack of proportions that women with large breasts live with creates difficulty not so much in the area of overall beauty (you’re still beautiful, we promise!), but in how she clothes her body. Personal preference for a particular style may be overshadowed by what fits well, and this can be a frustrating problem to live with.

Overall health.

There is no hiding the fact that large breasts are somewhat heavy. They need a lot of support. A lot! This is especially true during physical activity, and it can be a huge obstacle to overcome. Women may not want to perform aerobic exercise due to discomfort and may miss out on the health benefits of an active lifestyle. Reducing breast size can make it much easier to engage in favorite activities, and to gain the health benefits they have to offer.

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