Chin Implants in Englewood, NJ

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Some of us are born with a chin that recedes, which means that when you are seen from the side of your face your chin does not come forward enough to create a balanced facial appearance. This has often been called a “weak chin.” Thankfully, through the use of chin implants in Englewood, NJ, Dr. Richard D’Amico & Dr. Julie Ferrauiola can dramatically enhance your profile to create a more balanced look to your face. A chin implant is often used along with nose surgery, but can be part of any facial procedure. Restoring proper chin projection is also an easy anti-aging technique*.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Chin Implant?

Chin implants can be inserted on almost any healthy patient whose jawline is not balanced with his or her facial structure. Many rhinoplasty patients attain better facial balance by having chin implants placed during the same surgery. Chin implants come in many sizes and shapes to fit every patients needs. Dr. D’Amico & Dr. Ferrauiola will discuss the appropriate type and size of implant at your consultation. The goal is that the implant will fit naturally with your facial structure.

What are the benefits of having chin augmentation?

While we’d all like to have a chin like Kirk Douglas or Scarlett Johansson, the reality is quite different. Many of us have a genetic predisposition for a recessed chin. No matter what you don’t like about it, it’s not as if you can hide it under clothing or with makeup.

Most standards of beauty include having a strong chin. For many of us, that would require an augmented chin achieved with chin implants. Our patients from all across New Jersey come to Dr. D’Amico and Dr. Ferrauiola seeking a chin that’s proportional with the rest of the face. Our chin augmentation patients often talk of the increased sense of confidence they feel after these procedures. The benefits vary with the person, but if you’ve never liked what you perceive to be a weak chin, this can change the way you see your overall face. Chin implants simply enhance your natural features, and they do so in a really subtle way.

How is chin augmentation performed?

Chin augmentation is an outpatient procedure in our in-office, fully accredited surgical suite. Dr. D’Amico and Dr. Ferrauiola make a small incision either underneath the chin or inside the mouth. You’ll discuss these options during your consultation. Through this incision, a pocket is created to hold the implant and it is then fit around your chin bone. To keep the implant stable and in place, it may be anchored with titanium screws. The body full accepts titanium (it is used for all joint replacements) and the bone will grow around the screws. Once in place and when healing is complete, these implants will feel just like your natural chin bone.

What results can chin augmentation achieve?

Chin augmentation can change the proportions of your entire face. We often overlook our chin, focusing instead on our nose, eyes, even our lips. But our chin is key to not only the jawline and the strength of our lower face, but it works to balance our nose and forehead as well. These procedures are very satisfying for our patients.

Will chin implants look natural?

Your results from chin augmentation will be natural, yet at the same time dramatic. If you’ve had a particularly weak chin, adding implants can return balance to your face. Yet it does so subtly. Unless you tell others you’ve had chin augmentation, no one will know. Your implants cannot be seen by others — all they see is a stronger chin and sharper profile.

What issues with your lower face can chin augmentation change?

Most people assume chin augmentation is all about your profile, and it is true that your chin works to balance your lower face with your forehead and nose. A small chin can make your nose look large. A short chin, when viewed from the front, can make your face look top heavy. We don’t think of it that way, but our chin also plays a critical role in setting up the balance between our face and neck. A stronger, more defined chin is considered attractive in both sexes. A recessed chin can also create a double chin, and chin augmentation removes that.

Are chin implants permanent?

These surgeries with Dr. D’Amico and Dr. Ferrauiola provide permanent changes to your facial structure. Once placed, the silicone implants do not degrade or move. They are there forever.

But what if one day I decide I want to remove my chin implants, is that possible?

There is some variation here with the type of implant. Silicone implants can be easily removed.

Of course, removing your implants will only give you back the weak, recessed, or otherwise disproportional chin and lower face you had before you opted to have this procedure. Still, they can be removed.

Are chin implants safe?

With chin augmentation, there can be a chance of blood pooling, fluid build-up, nerve damage that may cause numbness, skin discoloration, shifting of implants, and asymmetry in the treated site. Also, there is a risk for dissatisfaction with the final outcomes. These can be addressed with revision surgery, if necessary.

Both Dr. D’Amico and Dr. Ferrauiola are board-certified plastic surgeons with extensive knowledge of facial anatomy, the finest training, and extensive experience with these procedures. They are low risk, but high satisfaction.

Chin Implant Recovery

Chin implant procedures involve minimal bruising or swelling, which means you will need to take only 2 to 3 days away from normal activities. It generally requires about 6 weeks for the implant site to be completely healed and for final results to be visible.*

We strongly suggest that you avoid strenuous activities for a few weeks following chin implant surgery, particularly any activity that might expose the mouth area to any trauma. High school and college students, in particular, should take time off any sports that expose the face to potential trauma, such as football, lacrosse or hockey.

What will my scarring be like after having chin augmentation?

Scarring is minimal and well hidden. As mentioned above, incisions to insert your chin implants are made inside the mouth or under the chin.

Getting Started

The first step in achieving your cosmetic goals is to request a consultation with Dr. D’Amico & Dr. Ferrauiola, serving the New York metro area. He enjoys spending time with you one-on-one to understand your objectives and give his professional opinion about the procedures that are best for you. You will never feel pressured to choose surgery and you will even have a second consultation visit (included with your fee) to bring along family or loved ones and ask follow-up questions. The consultation fee is applied toward any surgical procedure you choose. We are also happy to schedule appointments by phone by calling (201) 567-9595.

* = Results may vary