Being Critical Could Benefit your Breast Augmentation

breast augmentation dr. richard damico englewood nj For several years now, breast augmentation surgery has been one of the most common in the sea of cosmetic procedures. Making the decision to enhance the breasts is heavy; it comes with potential risks and with the possibility of great reward. There is a degree of safety that you can find in choosing an experienced, licensed cosmetic plastic surgeon to perform your breast augmentation procedure. At the same time, you play an integral role in the outcome, too.

I’ll Have the Usual, Please!

You might say this when you order at your favorite restaurant, but these are not words you would utter to your plastic surgeon. The standard path that many women take, though, isn’t much different. Going in to a consultation for breast augmentation, many women have nothing more in mind other than “I think a C cup would be perfect for me.” What does this mean? More importantly, what does it look like? Breast size is measured partially in cup, yes; but there are other factors that are vital to the desired outcome.

To have only cup size in mind could be a mistake. Ultimately, what you want is for your breasts to be in proportion with the rest of your body, with your height and heft and overall frame. This is what creates natural beauty. So, throw out the idea of a given cup size, and embark on your journey with an eye for proportion. Pictures can help.

Open a Critical Eye Only

One of the best ways a woman can identify what she wants from breast augmentation is to look at images of other women’s breasts. Our Before and After Gallery offers a sampling of our many successful cases. When you look at images, however, there is an important key that should not be overlooked. Not every woman you will observe has a body type that resembles yours. Observing the wrong body type, you could draw conclusions about your own procedure that are not accurate. When viewing Before and After images, look specifically for attributes that resemble your body, such as perceived height and weight.

Schedule A Consultation

You are not alone to determine the best size and shape for your breast implants. You have the support of our experienced, caring team. For your consultation with Dr. D’Amico, call 201-567-9595.

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