Doing Cosmetic Surgery the Right Way

Doing Cosmetic Surgery the Right Way - Dr. D'AmicoCosmetic surgery may be something that you have considered. Maybe you have spent years imagining how you would feel if your hips were smaller, your breasts larger, or your face more tight and lifted. All it takes is one episode of Botched to put you right back into the place of settling. You don’t have to settle for an appearance that doesn’t reflect how you really see yourself. There are ways that you can maximize the safety of your surgical experience, and we’re going to talk about them here.

The Way to Plan

Usually, we can say that there are several ways to accomplish a task. This doesn’t really apply to getting the results you want from cosmetic plastic surgery. To do that, you have to first do your homework. When you look at the surface of the field of aesthetic medicine, it may seem as though there are numerous options to consider. You could plan a medical tourism trip to another country. That may seem like a “good deal,” at least until you catch the next Botched episode. You could choose a surgeon who is running an incredible special on your intended procedure, or go to a med spa for treatment instead of a plastic surgery practice. These are all options, but that doesn’t mean they are good ones.

Your surgery is not without risk. No surgery is. Dr. D’Amico is recognized for his accomplishments as a board certified cosmetic surgeon. He is not only a member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, but served as president of this organization. His credentials are matched with professional achievements known throughout the surgical community, as is his passion for patient satisfaction.

As the former president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and an expert in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery, Dr. D’Amico cautions, “No surgery is without risk.”

The Way to Prepare

Once you have selected a cosmetic surgeon, you need to communicate important details about your health history and current lifestyle, even if you do not think a certain habit may affect your surgery. For instance, those supplements that  you take for brain health could downgrade an aspect of your recovery. Be transparent during your consultation and all the way through your surgical process. Also, prepare to follow all post-surgical instructions right up until you are cleared. Many patients start to feel better right away, but the body shouldn’t be pushed to get back into a rigorous schedule.

Cosmetic plastic surgery can be a life-changing event, according to research. That is, if you go about it the right way. To learn more about New Jersey cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. D’Amico, call 201-567-9595.

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