Don’t Give Away Your Age

UltherapyTo want to look and feel your best means that you are just like the majority of other humans. Lasting beauty is something we have sought to achieve for centuries, and now we have come as close as we’ve ever been. Look around and any of the famous (infamous?) Housewives and you will know without a doubt that we can choose to age, rather than just accept this process. By and large, what we tend to focus on is the aging face. We erase frown lines, along with their sisters, worry lines and laugh lines. We plump the deflated lips and reinstate roundness to the apples of the cheeks. Even with all this, it is possible for your age to be given away. By what? Your neck.

A Scary Swan?
We have long admired women with that gift of nature: the swan-like neck. When the curvature from neck to chin to jaw line is sharp and angular, we may admire this part of the body. As angles turn to slopes and skin starts to sag, we may feel more like Annie Hall, reaching for the highest high-necked shirt we can find – daily! What is going on below the face, and what can be done to stop it?

When we think of delicate skin, we tend to go straight for the eyes. Like this area, the neck also has very thin skin. It’s already a recipe for (aging) disaster. On top of this fragility, there is also the matter of the platysmal band, a ropey muscle that makes a straight, horizontal line across the neck. As collagen becomes depleted, all skin loses its firmness. Likewise, that tight little band starts to unravel, leaving behind its straight and narrow path for a droopy V. In turn, the tissues from chin to chest all follow along.

Don’t Give Away Your Age
As much effort that we put into rejuvenating the face, we mustn’t forget to address the needs of the neck if we want to pull off looking young and feeling it, too. The chin and neck can be contoured in a number of ways.

  • Ultherapy ultrasound treatment tightens and smoothes neck skin.
  • Venus Freeze radiofrequency treatments address the signs of aging on the lower part of the face.
  • Liposuction can diminish the appearance of a double chin.
  • Neck lift surgery resolves sagging and wrinkles in neck skin.

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