Is Exercise the Key to Perky Breasts?

Breast LiftWe exercise when we want to be healthier and feel more energetic. We may exercise to drop a few pounds – or many. Certain exercises can be performed to increase muscle mass or to tighten up the core. So it would make sense to believe all those internet sites that tell you it’s possible to perk up sagging breasts just by hitting the floor for several rounds of pushups each day, or pushing weights into the air a la bench-press style. Is it really possible to give yourself a DIY breast lift through exercise? The straight answer is no. Sadly. Let’s look at why this is.

Muscle vs. Fat
Breasts are made up of fatty and glandular tissue. The glandular component serves the purpose of milk-production. Fat cells make up the roundness and fullness of the breasts. Beneath these tissues lies the pectoral muscle. There’s the key: muscle is beneath fat. The support gained by the pectoral muscle is minimal, and it cannot outdo other factors involved in sagging breasts.

There are a few specific reasons why women may struggle with the position of their breasts at some point. One is that pregnancy and breastfeeding cause the breasts to swell. Weight can do the same thing. When weight is lost, or when the early stages of mothering are done and over, breast size decreases. The skin over the breasts, however, has been stretched. It has lost its resiliency. It is not holding up so well against the force of gravity.

Get your Shape Back
Exercise can do a lot to help you get into better shape. If it’s shapelier, perkier breasts that you want, all those spinning classes and targeted exercises could be nothing more than spinning your wheels. To lift the breasts means to reposition them higher on the chest wall. This is best achieved with mastopexy, or breast lift surgery. The procedure involves tightening the skin’s hold of breast tissue by removing excess. If necessary, repositioning may also focus on the areolas and nipples. In the end, the lift procedure improves the profile and shape of natural tissue without the need for implants.

Is a lift in your future? Call your Englewood plastic surgeon Dr. D’Amico to discuss your aesthetic goals.

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