Forehead Lines, it’s Time to Part Ways

faceliftThere are numerous ways in which age rears it’s not-so-pretty head. You may have a few aches and pains that you didn’t in your youth. Your tolerance for blaring music may have all but left. Having to see lines across your forehead or between your brows shouldn’t be the norm, if you don’t want it to be. Fortunately, you can do a lot more about this problem than you can about aching joints. Here, we will touch on 3 ways that forehead lines can be corrected.


Most people are aware of this little miracle worker of wrinkle reduction. If you haven’t tried it yet, you may be missing out on one of the most convenient and comfortable ways to get smoother skin on your forehead. A few botox injections into the muscle just beneath the skin is all it takes to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and creases for months at a time. Results occur gradually over about a week, and they also diminish bit by bit.


Microneedling has taken the aesthetic world by storm in recent years, and is getting praise for all the right reasons. Treatment is intended to induce collagen. Collagen, as you know, is a vital protein that gives skin its resiliency and firmness. The influx of collagen to the connective tissue kick starts the healing and regeneration of dermal tissues. As a result of the comfortable treatment, skin can become more vibrant and more supple and smooth. Unlike Botox, which relaxes muscles to produce smoother skin, microneedling works in concert with natural processes. As such, approximately 4 treatments are needed to produce lasting results, with occasional touchups for maintenance.

Upper Facelift

Whenever possible, we do what we can to accommodate patient preferences. We offer a number of non-surgical solutions for early intervention of the aging process. Sometimes, the extent of laxity that has occurred is best addressed with a minimally-invasive surgical procedure. An upper facelift can smooth wrinkles on the forehead, and may also be inclusive of the brow and eye areas.

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