Here’s What a Breast Lift Can Do

Breast Lift New Jersey | Mastopexy Englewood NJBreast changes are to be expected. It doesn’t matter whether you breastfeed, or gain and lose weight, or even go through a pregnancy or two; breast tissue and breast skin are not excluded from the aging process. The transformation in the appearance of the breasts over time is not always desirable, in fact, many of the women we meet express frustration about the unwanted metamorphosis of their body. There is a wide-spread assumption that breast augmentation with implants is the best or only way to lift or restore the desired appearance. This may not be the case. Here we want to point out what can be accomplished with a well-planned breast lift.

If your breast volume is sufficient when you have a bra on, then you may only need a breast lift to restore shape.

Breasts can be “put back” to their original position.

One of the reasons that the appearance of breasts changes with time is because the skin loses resiliency and stretches. Collagen strands that support firmness in the skin and connective tissue fray and the heaviness of the breasts pulls downward on the lax skin. This creates a steeper slope in the upper breast and a relative flattening, and, at some point, creates a drooping or tubular appearance. The breast also loses its feminine projections at that point. Breast lift surgery removes the excess skin that is stretched out and allows teh re-positioning and re-shaping the breast back to its normal position on the chest wall.

The shape of breasts can be improved.

Breast shape changes as the downward pull of gravity occurs. Breast surgery does not have to alter the size of breasts to dramatically improve shape. When existing breast tissue is placed into a re-shaped cradle of skin, creating a natural bra, the natural feminine shape returns.

Nipple position can improve.

Breast drooping does not occur as an isolated event. The nipples are integral to the overall characterization of the breasts and when the skin sags, the nipples descent with it gradually, to a point where the nipple position becomes too low. The change in breast tissue only exacerbates the sagging appearance that has developed. Breast lift surgery will re-position the nipple as needed to re-shape and re-position your breast.

A breast lift could lift your spirits. Learn more about this breast contouring procedure in a consultation with Dr. D’Amico. Call our New Jersey office at 201-567-9595.

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