HydraSolve™: A Gentler Kind of Liposuction

hydrasolvePatients interested in liposuction at my New Jersey practice are often pleased to find out that I offer an alternative to the traditional method that increases comfort and shortens recovery time. Standard liposuction, called tumescent liposuction, is effective but does require up to a week of recovery. That’s why I’m happy to offer my patients a gentler alternative, called HydraSolve.

Using warm, low-pressure streams of water, HydraSolve first loosens and liquefies fat cells. The water flows through a specialized liposuction cannula — a slender tube — that I insert through tiny incisions. I can manipulate this liquefied fat with much less force than solid fat tissue, and then I extract it without cutting or damaging surrounding tissue.

That gentler approach leads to a shorter recovery time and increased comfort during and after the procedure. Because the technology is relatively new and I’m one of the few plastic surgeons in New Jersey with the training and expertise to use it, many patients have questions about HydraSolve. Those include:

How much shorter is the recovery time?

Traditional liposuction techniques generally require at least 4 days off work and sometimes as much as 7 days. Most patients who get HydraSolve go back to work 2 or 3 days after the procedure.

Is HydraSolve another name for water-assisted liposuction?

No. Both use water, but in water-assisted liposuction the cannula ejects a high-pressure stream that is forceful enough to cut through tissue and wash fat from connective tissue. That results in more discomfort and bruising than HydraSolve.

How can HydraSolve extract in a gentler way?

It uses a proprietary Tissue Liquefaction Technology™ (TLT), which is based on the technology used in cataract surgery. Additionally, the cannula features a rounded tip, rather than the sharpened tips found on other cannulas.

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