Male Breast Reduction: What is Recovery Like?

Gynecomastia Englewood NJThe idea of a man with breasts is not something that one spends much time contemplating. That is unless one is a man with breasts. Enlarged breast tissue is a feature normally attributed to the fairer sex, so the expansion of the chest has commonly been referred to as “man boobs.” Regardless of how politically-correct we attempt to be in discussing this problem, the man whose chest is larger and more feminine than it should be is likely to suffer tremendously. Clothing is a poor disguise for enlarged male breasts, as are bras made to compress the male chest into a more masculine form. No matter what strategies are used, the man with large breasts still knows what’s up. He knows his body is not what he’d like it to be. This is one of the biggest reasons why male breast reduction is so valuable.

Understanding Male Breast Reduction

Male breast reduction, or gynecomastia surgery, describes techniques used to reduce breast tissue and, in some cases, sagging skin. The procedure is tailored to the individual and may involve the removal of fatty tissue or the excision of the breast gland to reduce the risk of recurrence. Some men require a more extensive approach to lift tissue that sags below the breast crease and toward the armpit. More than the technique itself, the question that most men want answered is what their recovery will be like.

Gynecomastia Surgery: A Recovery Timeline

Every situation may vary slightly based on the extent of incisions and tissue removal. However, a general timeline of gynecomastia surgery may look like:

  • Surgical follow-up several days post-surgery to observe incisions and surgical side effects such as swelling. During this visit, the surgical dressing may be removed and a compression garment applied to wear for the next few weeks.
  • Within one to two weeks, lower body exercises may be performed (gradually increasing resistance or reps).
  • Only after about 5 weeks will upper body exercises be resumed and only after a thorough surgical follow-up.

Side Effects after Male Breast Reduction

After gynecomastia surgery you will experience more soreness than pain. Dr. D’Amico can prescribe pain medication if needed. You will be back to work in just 4-6 days after surgery.

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