What Not to Do After Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Englewood NJWomen schedule breast augmentation for very personal reasons. Two primary issues that we are usually asked to address include fullness that never developed and fullness that has been lost over time. If you have always wished for fuller breasts, or pregnancy or weight loss have changed the shape of your breasts, surgical augmentation may be calling your name.

Breast augmentation is a leading procedure today and has been for several years. Why? Because it paves the way for a woman to feel better about the body she loves. This procedure is ideal for the woman who has personal reasons for seeking it; who is happy with herself and has a positive self-image, and who wants to expand on it by achieving the physical proportions she has envisioned herself having.

Are you considering breast augmentation? Then you’ve probably thought about your recovery. Here, we discuss what NOT to do.

Soak in the tub

If you love the feel of warm bath bubbles surrounding your body, chances are you inherently crave this sensation when you need a boost (which you may after breast augmentation). Would this feel like Heaven on earth? Yes. Is it a good idea after surgery? No. The concern here is that water may contain bacteria that could permeate healing incisions and cause infection. So, there may be a loophole here for you if you are in dire need of the emotional comfort a bath gives you: be extremely careful to sit in a shallow bath in which water does not come near your incisions. Once your incisions have healed, you can bathe as you wish.

Work out

Ok, this may be a tricky one. The first few days after breast augmentation, you may not feel much like hitting the gym. After the initial effects of anesthesia and the physical stress of surgery have worn off though, why do we say you need to take it easy? The answer is because we want the scar tissue (capsule) around your breast implants to form most discreetly. Working the pectoral muscles could disrupt capsular formation and degrade optimal results from your surgery. This includes lifting anything more than ten pounds. However, working out the lower body can begin as early as one week after surgery.

Rush off to Victoria’s Secret

We know how you might feel once you’ve got the curves you’ve wanted for so long. Still, don’t trade your compression bra for a lacy number too soon. The same goes for letting your new and improved breasts “fly free.” Your breasts need support for several weeks, and you will appreciate the easy on-and-off of your post-surgical compression bra more than you might imagine.

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