Options for Lifting the Aging Brow

Brow Lift Englewood, NJ | Botox We normally look at issues such as lines and wrinkles as a direct consequence of growing older. It’s true that the aging process affects the appearance of our skin. However, concerns such as crow’s feet and sagging brows also represent the life we have experienced. Men and women with horizontal lines on their forehead could come across as chronic worriers. Frown lines give the impression of seriousness. Crows’ feet may demonstrate that a person has done a lot of smiling and laughing during their lifetime. The drooping brow line, though, simply causes an appearance of tiredness, as life has simply been a load to carry.

The upside here is that the power to present yourself in the manner you’d like is in your control. If you’re concerned that sagging brows are diminishing the representation of your vibrant personality, there are options to lift the brow line for the long-term gain. Here, we want to explore the non-surgical and surgical options for lifting the brows.

Non-surgical Treatment

The development of non-surgical skin-tightening and wrinkle-reducing treatments has changed the way we approach aging. Many people we meet are interested in avoiding surgery if they can. Often, Botox treatment can be performed as an alternative to the surgical brow lift. The benefits of this approach include a fast recovery process and no need for anesthesia. Even the limited lifetime of results can be advantageous because this gives you the opportunity to visualize and live with the appearance that may be made more permanent with a surgical brow lift. You could think of the non-surgical brow lift as a trial run.

It is important to understand that non-surgical treatments are not only limited regarding duration, but also in the degree of improvement that is possible. A greater extent of sagging may require surgery for noticeable rejuvenation.

Brow Lift Surgery

Surgery tends to sound serious or complicated. The thing is, a surgeon performs thousands upon thousands of procedures over the years. Also, there is the matter of training and continuing education. Brow lift surgery may be conducted endoscopically or with a traditional incision. The method used is determined based on preference and the desired result. Most patients fully recover from brow lift surgery within about one week and enjoy a rejuvenated appearance for years.

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