More Options could mean More Confusion

Ultherapy Englewood, NJIf anything can be said for the field of aesthetic medicine, it is that it has grown exponentially over a relatively short period. Today, there are multiple ways to address some of the most common concerns, such as facial aging. While it can feel free to be untethered, the multitude of skin tightening, lifting, and wrinkle-reducing treatments may lead to a fair amount of confusion. Patients from the Englewood area of New Jersey will discover more than one way to rejuvenate the face right here in our office. Another thing they will find, though, is detailed information to help them choose the best process for their needs.

Ultherapy vs. Venus Freeze

Two non-surgical options for facial rejuvenation that are available in our office are Ultherapy and Venus Freeze. There are slight differences between the two, which could make them quite complimentary to one another.

Ultherapy targets tissue at three different depths: 1.5mm, 3.0mm, and 4.5mm. The surface is not affected, all ultrasound energy focuses on superficial cells responsible for collagen production, firmness, and resilience. Ultherapy is commonly used in areas such as the lower neck and décolleté, the lower face, cheeks, temples, and the brow line. Because skin is not ablated, as it would be with laser skin resurfacing, there are little, if any indications of treatment. No redness and no swelling. That means no downtime. Improvement in skin tightness occurs over months of collagen rebuilding and can be maintained with once- or twice-a-year touch-ups.

Venus Freeze combines radio frequency with magnetic pulses to affect tissue closer to the skin’s surface. The process is slightly gentler, less warming to the dermis, and that means that patients will need to schedule a series of treatments to achieve the desired outcome of tighter, younger looking skin. Because Venus Freeze also affects fat cells, this modality may be sought for mild body sculpting in areas such as the hips and flanks, the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, and face.

Whether you want to preserve collagen before substantial breakdown or you want to reverse the signs of aging that have developed, you may be able to do so without surgery. Contact us at 201-567-9595 so we can get to know your needs. Together, we can design the treatment protocol that will meet them.

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