Planning a Family Around Breast Augmentation

How will breast augmentation affect breastfeeding and pregnancy?breast augmentation englewood nj

A common concern for many of the women who come in for a breast augmentation consultation at my Englewood, New Jersey practice is whether the surgery will affect their ability to breastfeed children in the future and how their cosmetic results might be affected by pregnancy. Many patients who want breast implants plan to start a family or have more children at some point down the road, and I encourage them to discuss these plans with me so they have all the facts.

Breast enhancement surgeries and techniques vary, and in the majority of cases the procedure won’t interfere with future pregnancies or breastfeeding. The timing is important to consider, however, because pregnancy and breastfeeding can change the cosmetic results of a breast augmentation or breast lift surgery.

When is a good time to get a breast augmentation?

If a woman comes in and says she’s planning to get pregnant within a year, I’ll probably recommend that she postpone cosmetic breast surgery until after she’s finished having children and breastfeeding. The changes that a woman’s body goes through during this time can significantly alter the breasts’ shape and structure — and her cosmetic results.

On the other hand, I often perform breast augmentation procedures on younger women who want to have children someday but who don’t have plans to start a family in the foreseeable future. Many are happy for years with their surgical results and are comfortable knowing that they may need a revision procedure after having children.

Discussing these types of personal issues with your plastic surgeon is a vital part of the consultation process if you’re considering any type of cosmetic surgery. A successful procedure is a collaborative process between patient and surgeon, who together can create a treatment plan to meet each patient’s goals.

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