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– Apr 08, 2018
“A cut above all the rest of plastic surgeons out there. Dr. D’Amico is truly a great surgeon. I recently had breast reconstruction with a fat graft and abdominal liposuction. He did an absolutely masterful job. He was re-doing the reconstruction another plastic surgeon did many years ago. It was not an easy case but he pulled it off and now I have very nice breasts because of his meticulous work and a waistline of a 25-year-old (I’m 56 years old). Thank you, Dr. D’Amico you went that extra mile.”

– Mar 25, 2016
“Dr. Was very nice and addressed my questions and concerns at initial consult. It wasn’t a real big deal though, had a cyst removed from top of head at surgery center. The surg. went smooth-he along with his staff were very competent and nice.”

“Very professional office. Every staff member is kind, warm, providing quality care each appointment.”
“I went to Dr Damico 10 years ago, I have nothing bad to say about him, his a great doctor, the office staff is amazing, I never had a problem with my breast I just went back to increased my breast size again and I’m more thank happy I will recommend Dr Damico to anyone”

“I had a really great experiences with Dr. Damico and his staff. My cousin, sister and uncle also had surgery with him. I had breast reduction/lift and liposuctions on my stomach and hips. Dr. Damico took his time and explain everything to me. He was very friendly and his staff is wonderful. I would go back to him in a heart beat if I needed anything else is done. I was very pleased with him.”
“I am so pleased with all the work , done by Dr DAmico, and also grateful for everything, from surgery to follow up , and all care from all his staff, from office manager that give you all answers you need to RNs, wonderful experience, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
“Dr.D’Amico and his support staff are professional, kind, and patient. He had very little to work with after a double mastectomy. His skills have amazed me. The process takes longer than I expected. After each stage of reconstruction the results exceed my expectation. I am going to be the happiest 58 year old, with breasts that appear to be 20. I will recommend him with confidence.”
“I had a breast reduction and body lift performed by Dr. D’Amico. He and his staff are not only highly skilled but are also a wonderful group of caring professionals. My results have been life changing. I am now able to go to the gym which has been something I have avoided for years and the health benefits have been amazing. I recommended Dr. D’Amico to several of my friends and family and EVERYONE is thrilled that I did. Thank you Dr. D’Amico for making me look and feel wonderful.”

“Our family has used Dr. D’Amico for a number of procedures over the years. In addition to being very highly skilled, Dr. D’Amico possesses a level of integrity second to none. He is meticulously careful in his diagnoses as well as his procedures. Our most notable experience involved our daughter who received a rhinoplasty at a relatively young age. Dr. D’Amico handled the procedure with extreme care and concern, to the point that he insisted that we wait, study and analyze for six months before deciding to proceed. He is, in short, a great physician.”

“I went to see Dr. D’Amico for liposuction in my stomach. I am in very good shape, good weight but had a pouch in my abdomen that I hated. I did not want surgery but since I didn’t know what my options were, I consulted a few plastic surgeons and they all recommended liposuction. A friend of mine who had surgery by Dr. D’Amico told me about Dr. D’Amico and told me he did a few types of liposuction so I went to see him for a consultation. Dr. D’Amico thought that coolsculpting would provide me with the result I was looking for without having surgery and anesthesia. I decided to give it a try and here I am 2 months after the procedure and I am really beginning to see the difference. I am not only happy with the results but he saved me a ton of money. The other doctors recommended liposuction that would have cost thousands and this was only $1500.00!! Dr. D’Amico could have suggested liposuction to me but he was more interested in providing me with a non-surgical option (which is what I wanted) that would get me the result I was looking for rather than digging deep in to my pockets.”

“My first phone call to his office was the reason I ultimately chose Dr D’Amico to perform my breast reconstruction (from a double mastectomy). If the staff were warm and welcoming, i knew the doctor would be too. Every step of the way I felt comfortable and safe. He was patient,friendly and informative. I had my breast reconstruction last month & I bet the best compliment Dr D’Amico has ever received came from my 9 year old son who told him,’thank you for giving my mom her soft boobs back, now I can get soft hugs again’.”
“After having my children I struggled with the added “fat” that remained in my abdomen/hips/thighs and stomach even though I maintained a good body weight. Dr. D’Amico suggested liposuction to provide me better contour but to also have a tummy tuck as my muscles were so stretched out with my pregnancies. I remember my gynecologist told me the same thing. I told Dr. D’Amico that I was so scared of the tummy tuck because I heard it is very painful. After listening to my fears, he told me about a pain pump that he would use for my tummy tuck. It was a miracle, I had only minor discomfort from my tummy tuck and was sore where I had my liposuction. After wearing my garment for several weeks, I went out shopping and OMG, I LOVE buying clothes now. I used to dread trying stuff on. My nurses were incredible both before and after my surgery. I LOVE Donna. She is the BEST 🙂 I am so happy to have had this surgery and that Dr. D’Amico was my surgeon. He is sooooo worth the wait!”

“My experience under Dr. D’Amico’s care was overall very positive. He listened to what I wanted to gain out of my procedure, and that is what I got. Therefore, my results look natural and I couldn’t be more pleased. A friend of mine recommended that I see Dr. D’Amico after she had her procedure; I would certainly do the same.”

“AWESOME results!!! Great Doctor. Dr. D’Amico was highly recommended to my from a good friend. Dr. D’Amico performed my breast augmentation and lift and I could not be more happy with my results. The whole experience was great. He has a wonderful group of nurses and office staff that made me feel so comfortable from my consult to my post-op appointments.All my questions and concerns were addressed and I felt super confident that Dr. D’Amico was going to make me look great. He did and I am sooo happy with my results. I’d do it all again and I highly recommmend Dr. D’Amico.”